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FILMMAKER                      LENGTH                        YEAR                        CATEGORY                        COUNTRY                        LANGUAGE

 MONTSE ROMA                    10:34 MIN                      2018             SHORT FILM DOCUMENTARY               CHINA                 MANDARIN & DIALECTS

An elderly woman living in Wuhan China has built her life between two different places divided by the Yangtze River: the countryside and the city. Following the balance between Yin and Yang, she travels back and forward getting the best of each world.

La vi sentada como si sus años no pesaran. Su voz ronca y ruidosa imponía cualquier otra.  Me sorprendió su manera de estar en el lugar;  a veces callada y sola, y otras, caótica y social. Era una niña, un espíritu vivaz y a la vez, los años la abordaban a través de su cuerpo cansado y frágil. Sus dos opuestos constantemente se interponían y se complementaban. Y es ahí, en esa lucha, en ese enfrentamiento del cual ella era poco consciente, donde conecté con su mundo.

Wuhan, China.

I saw her sitting as if her years were weightless. Her hoarse and loud voice imposed any other. I was surprised by her way of being in that place: quiet and alone for some time, and then chaotic and social. She was a girl, a lively spirit and at the same time, the years approached her through her tired and fragile body. Her two opposites constantly interfered and complemented each other. And it was there, in that fight, in that confrontation in which she was little aware, where I connected with her world. ​


Wuhan, China.


Inspired by the Tao.


Man follows the earth. Earth follows the universe. The universe follows the Tao. The Tao follows the nature.

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A LOOKING CHINA PRODUCTION | CAST Wei Simei  | DIRECTOR Montse Roma | PRODUCERS Tia 黄雨婷 and Kenda 郭穗 | DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Montse Roma | EDITION Montse Roma | SOUND DESIGN Kenji Meguro | COLORIST Ricardo Centeno | SUPERVISOR Tony Costa, Universidade Lusófona, Lisboa, Portugal | AICC COORDINATOR Li Huiyan 李慧妍 | LOCAL COORDINATOR Jackie Lin 林吉安 | LOCAL UNIVERSITY Central China Normal University 华中师范大学 | INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY Universidad Iberoamericana , Ciudad de México.

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